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Official Sherlock Season 3 Trailer


Kaya, Sherlock and More

Some new Info.

New movie with Kaya in it:

Downton Abbey trailer for season 4, though I think it’s already airing. Do I watch it now or wait for it to come to PBS?

Sherlock returns to PBS on January 19th but I’m thinking it’s already aired in England, damn I should know this stuff.

Any new British telly updates you want to share?


British Series on Netflix


I don’t know about you guys but in order to watch British television in the United States it takes some finness. The 2 main ways I catch my series is on Netflix and Hulu. Here are a list of the British series I know are on Netflix Instant:




The Inbetweeners






Peep Show




Black Books


Being Human


I’m sure there are many more than this, in fact I’m certain of it, these are just the ones I can recommend.

Watching: Lark Rise, Robin Hood and Beaver Falls


So we tried out a few different series this weekend, for fun. We tried out Beaver Falls, which we didn’t really like all that much. I don’t know if it was the gross humor (which I really dislike) or if it was that it was located in Los Angeles. Why would I watch a British show that isn’t in Britain? The show wasn’t all that great either, though a couple of the characters had me intrigued but it wasn’t enough. Maybe if the show ends up on Netflix or Hulu I’ll try it a bit more.

We also watched almost one episode of Robin Hood but I’m not sure I gave it enough of a try. The show goes back to 2006 so the production quality isn’t up to shows like Misfits or Sherlock. Still, I love Robin Hood so maybe I’ll try some more of it. I really hate to write shows off so quickly, I like to give a show a bit of a chance. Some of my favorite shows are ones I wasn’t entirely sure about but decided to watch a few more episodes.

Right now we’re watching Lark Rise to Candleford, which I had been planning to try for a while now since I became a fan of  Olivia Hallinan from Sugar Rush. The show is pretty great and happens to have one of the actors I happened to like from Beaver Falls, John Dagleish. Period dramas are either a hit or miss with me, I think this show is bordering on hit.


The British Cinematography

One of my favorite things about British television is their artistic quality to their shows. I’m a photographer in my spare time so I can appreciate a really stunning shot that maybe isn’t necessary to the storyline but gives it more emotion. Here are some shots that I love.