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Murder: Joint Enterprise


Watched this last night. I realize anyone in the US won’t have a way of seeing it, which is unfortunate but I couldn’t go without telling everyone how brilliant this was. Joe Dempsie and Carla Chrome are phenomenal up-and-coming Uk actors. Joe is known for Skins and Game of Thrones while Carla was in the show Hit & Miss that I loved so much and she’ll be a new main character on season 4 of Misfits.

This TV movie was only 1 hour long but packed with a lot of intensity and a lot of surprises. I’m a big fan of Joe Dempsie ever since Skins and I am not officially a big fan of Carla Chrome and I can’t wait to see her on Misfits.


Status: Hit & Miss


So we watched the first 2 episodes of Hit & Miss last night and both my husband and I were blown away. We both love our series but we really like the ones that bowl us over. This show is intelligent, the cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is as good as it gets and it has a lot of heart. The main character Mia (played by Chloe Sevigny) is a transgender and also a contract killer. She finds out that she has a son from a previous relationship and steps outside of her structured world to deal with the situation.

I imagine this show isn’t for everyone, there are several moments of the show where there is full frontal nudity but it’s not meant to shock the audience but actually to explain her character. It also has it’s fair share of violence, obviously. But if you want something different (which is what I’m always looking for) then give this show a chance, you might be surprised.

Next Up: Hit & Miss


Wikipedia describes the series:

Chloe Sevigny plays a contract killer who discovers she has a child with her former lover. She struggles between caring for her newfound family and maintaining her job as an assassin.

This show looks dark, emotional and quirky, which just so happens to be what I love in a show. I will report back.