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Just started watching Dates and surprise surprise we love it. However, I think we might be watching it in the wrong order even though we are watching them by episode 1, 2, 3 so I’m not sure if I just am confused by the future episodes that are coming. It’s hard to explain, I’ll know when we’re done though I guess.

One thing I really love about British shows is that they aren’t afraid to take chances because their programming isn’t entirely built around pleasing tv executives and the audience. Brits are ok with making quality tv that is different and requires the audience to be challenged. Tv in England can get away with a show that from episode to episode tells different stories with different characters. Other shows that have done this are Accused and Run. The shows don’t rely on you bonding with the characters as much as you are supposed to be sucked into each individual plot.

If you are wondering where you know some of the actors from I can help you out as I always look people up with every new show I watch.

Mia – you know from Game of Thrones as John Snow’s wife, I’ll leave at that so I don’t spoil it for anyone.

Stephen – you probably know him from The Truth About Cats & Dogs and if that was the last place you saw him, like myself, he’s aged a bit. That movie came out in 1996, I feel so old.

Erica – she’s from Fresh Meat.

Callum – Fresh Meat.

Jenny – I know her from Accused and Gavin & Stacey

Also the creator of the show is Bryan Elsley who we all know and love from Skins.


Murder: Joint Enterprise


Watched this last night. I realize anyone in the US won’t have a way of seeing it, which is unfortunate but I couldn’t go without telling everyone how brilliant this was. Joe Dempsie and Carla Chrome are phenomenal up-and-coming Uk actors. Joe is known for Skins and Game of Thrones while Carla was in the show Hit & Miss that I loved so much and she’ll be a new main character on season 4 of Misfits.

This TV movie was only 1 hour long but packed with a lot of intensity and a lot of surprises. I’m a big fan of Joe Dempsie ever since Skins and I am not officially a big fan of Carla Chrome and I can’t wait to see her on Misfits.