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Special Effects: Doctor Who vs. Misfits

(This is not intended as a negative Doctor Who post, just bringing up a discussion point so I welcome Whovians to bring on their positive thoughts.)

One thing my husband and I was curious about watching Doctor Who was why with such a huge production that Doctor Who’s special effects were on the cheap side but Misfits, which is not nearly as big, has much more believable special effects. I googled this thinking someone had to have discussed this before but found nothing.

I’m not someone who cares much about special effects or scifi but I love a good plot and it bugs me when bad special effects gets in the way of a good plot. Doctor Who, from what I’ve seen so far, has some really good plots but the special effects sometimes distract me.

Now I’m going to assume that the reason is because there are so many Doctor Who episodes and so many special effects that they can’t all be top notch. Also I have to admit that some special effects from the Doctor were impressive like those masks on The Empty Child and the statues in Blink. I have the ability with some shows to suspend reality and just enjoy them but there are times on Doctor Who I wasn’t able to. Like when Rose was hanging from the rope of the blimp she never would have been able to hold on as long as she did. Then she was saved by this stream of light, and it was just not believable.

I think it has something to do with me and how my brain works that scifi/fantasy doesn’t always work with me. However I’m curious about your thoughts on this.


Goodbye ASBOs

The journey is over, at least the television one there is still chatter about a possible movie but no actual information yet. For me the ending of Misfits is bitter sweet, I’m sad that a show I loved so much is over but the it was time for the show to end.

A lot of people jumped ship when original cast members all moved on from the show (which i always thought was a little odd) and when Simon left I nearly gave up myself but what had me coming back again was the show itself. I fell in love with this show because of how unique it was, how raw it was and how fucked up it was. Misfits was more about the location and situation than it was about the characters, even though I deeply loved Simon.


A little thing I noticed in the last episode however was that Rudy slept with the 2 hottest girls from the show: Alisha and Jess. I truly believe that Rudy was one of the best characters on all of Misfits and I know some people never got over him “replacing” Nathan but I liked Rudy better actually.


I’m definitely sad that it’s over but the last episode didn’t kill me like some last episodes for certain characters (I was sobbing when Simon left, just sayin). If it was all the characters I’d grown to love over these 5 seasons and I had to say goodbye to them all I would have totally lost it like in the last scene of Skins. I didn’t bond as much as I would have liked to with the current cast unfortunately. If I had it my way the very very last moment of the show would have been Nathan and Barry (Simon) having a last moment together.

Oh well, still a great show and I’m glad I stuck it out to the end.

Misfits was utt…

Misfits was utterly unique, completely bonkers and, at its best, it was one of the best superhero shows ever made. It’s always been messy and resolute in its disregard for our expectations, so the mixture of closure and open-endedness in this finale feels true to the show’s spirit.

Den of Geek



I will forever associate cornettos with Nathan and Rudy.

Misfits Season 5 and Also The End

I haven’t been as in love with this show as I was with the first 2 seasons but I do still have a love for this show. Why? Mostly because of Rudy and for the style of the show (cinematography and writing) because it’s still a very different show and I love shows that are different. What I’m really not looking forward to is Alex (does anyone like him?) and I’m not sure how I feel about the new chick who I can’t even be bothered to remember her name.

I wasn’t as upset about the loss of Nathan but I was heartbroken to lose Simon.

Anyway, I say we all just go all in for season 5 and just ride it out until the end. How about it?

Back To British

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA but I was caught up in the last few episodes of Breaking Bad but I’m back now. So much stuff coming up and I’m definitely in need of some new British telly.

Misfits is coming back. Yeah, it’s not the same as it once was but it’s Misfits, which is better than no Misfits in my book. I’m not thrilled that Alex is coming back, did anyone even like him at all?

I have heard The White Queen is good, so I must add that to my list.

Alo (Will) and Mini (Freya) are working together again.

I also need to watch Dates and I’m sure there are others.

Get Your Brits Via Hulu

So we all know there are loads of British series on Netflix, but there are also plenty on hulu as well. So here are a list of some of the better ones:


Misfits – this is the big one and it’s not on Netflix so you have to mosey on over to Hulu to watch this fantastic series.


Fresh Meat – this was just recently added to Hulu and it’s a fantastic show. There aren’t nearly enough shows about being in college and on top of that this is British!


The Thick of It – I’ve mentioned this show before, it’s fantastic.


Peep Show – also on Netflix.


Lip Service