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More British Series

Moone Boy

Ok, I have more shows to share, are you ready? Btw, I recommend all of these.

The Fall (available on Netflix)

Run (available on hulu)

Moone Boy (available on Netflix, not sure if this is British but close enough)

Prisoners Wives (available on Hulu but only season 1 and this show is not new but new to me)

Oh and I checked out the US version of Mistresses, it isn’t bad but not quite the same, especially since it’s a known fact men are sexier with a British accent.

btw, I update a lot on what I’m watching on the Facebook Page because it’s easy and I have no access to Tumblr while at work. Sometimes I update on my personal twitter (@hismuse). I think that’s all I have for now.


The Up Series

I came across this by accident because of Netflix, oh Netflix, you’ve brought so much into my life. The Manly Man (my nickname online for my husband) and I love documentaries. This documentary series is special though because it starts in 1964 with a bunch of kids in England at the age of 7 years old. They filmed them every 7 years up until the age of 56 Up.

One of the kids actually immediately made me think of Cook from Skins, partially in his looks but mostly in his personality. I can’t quite explain it but I couldn’t not see that in him. Ok, I’ve gotten off point a bit.

It’s really amazing to see how they change every 7 years from their opinions to beliefs to their understanding of the world. The kids involved are rich, poor, middle class and even two kids who grew up in foster care. This series is what reality tv should be, but rarely is. It can go from cheeky to kind of dark and even once an animal is killed on screen (you’ll have to see to know what I mean).

Not only is the series just very interesting but it also tells you a lot about how human beings evolve and continue to grow through their lives. I must admit, I’m very glad I was never in a series about this because I do not want to see my evolution, especially the perms. At this point we’re only at 28 Up so we have a long way to go and each episode gets longer and longer so I think this will take us quite a bit of time.