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The Crimson Petal and the White

Do check out this mini series, we really enjoyed it. It was originally a novel and it’s very dark and twisted. My mom was who recommended it to me and she said it was twisted but then she can’t handle Dexter so I didn’t take that statement very seriously. However it’s very dark, twisted and very graphic. Quite an interesting story and doesn’t always go the direction you expect.

I did wonder where I knew the main character (Romola Garai) from and when I IMDBed it I realized the only thing I knew her from was the movie One Day, which her character wasn’t all that central but I suppose she must have stood out to me. I must admit though, I’ve seen One Day several times by now and it’s one of my favorite movies.

Romola Garai

Also I remember seeing that Gillian Anderson (of X-Files) was in this and after a few episodes I realized she hadn’t shown up yet. Then I realized she played the main character Sugar’s mother. I was blown away because I totally didn’t recognize her.

Gillian Anderson

The main reason I watched this at all was because I’ll watch anything with Chris O’Dowd in it ever since The IT Crowd. He was very different in this however, know that right away. He’s not entirely likable and you see his wang.

Chris O'Dowd

The writing is insane and fantastic but the cinematography is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, it was just stunning. I can see this winning loads of awards, just you see. I think this is available on BBC America but I hope it shows up on Netflix or Hulu soon as well.