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Just started watching Dates and surprise surprise we love it. However, I think we might be watching it in the wrong order even though we are watching them by episode 1, 2, 3 so I’m not sure if I just am confused by the future episodes that are coming. It’s hard to explain, I’ll know when we’re done though I guess.

One thing I really love about British shows is that they aren’t afraid to take chances because their programming isn’t entirely built around pleasing tv executives and the audience. Brits are ok with making quality tv that is different and requires the audience to be challenged. Tv in England can get away with a show that from episode to episode tells different stories with different characters. Other shows that have done this are Accused and Run. The shows don’t rely on you bonding with the characters as much as you are supposed to be sucked into each individual plot.

If you are wondering where you know some of the actors from I can help you out as I always look people up with every new show I watch.

Mia – you know from Game of Thrones as John Snow’s wife, I’ll leave at that so I don’t spoil it for anyone.

Stephen – you probably know him from The Truth About Cats & Dogs and if that was the last place you saw him, like myself, he’s aged a bit. That movie came out in 1996, I feel so old.

Erica – she’s from Fresh Meat.

Callum – Fresh Meat.

Jenny – I know her from Accused and Gavin & Stacey

Also the creator of the show is Bryan Elsley who we all know and love from Skins.


Top 5 Skins Couples


There have been a lot of relationships on Skins, some were fun, some were lovely and others were just a mess. Here are the five couples I get the most excited to watch:

5. Nick & Franky

(I couldn’t find a single scene of theirs, but this was a short little mashup of many of their scenes)

Some might not consider them a real couple considering their circumstances but for me all they really need is chemistry and they certainly had that. I rarely liked Franky, in the last season at least, but I liked her when she was with Nick, she was a lot softer and less drama queen.

4. Mini & Alo

I think what was great about them is that they kind of came out of nowhere but kind of didn’t. You could tell the way she teased him that she kind of digged him. I liked that they were unexpected.

3. Rich & Grace

(I had to share this scene but this is a spoiler)

For me, at times, they lacked a bit in chemistry but they were sweet and innocent, which you don’t find much in this series. Also, they were tragic and you can’t get more romantic than that. That pool scene here, at the end, makes me cry every time.

2. Chris & Jal

We didn’t get much of them together since their love story really came to light towards the end of Generation 2 but they were just incredibly sweet together and even better they were really good friends long before that.

1. Sid & Cassie

They weren’t perfect and they spent most of their time on screen miscommunicating but they are a very real teenage love story. Their relationship reminded me the most of high school love being awkward, overwhelming and beautiful.


The Up Series

I came across this by accident because of Netflix, oh Netflix, you’ve brought so much into my life. The Manly Man (my nickname online for my husband) and I love documentaries. This documentary series is special though because it starts in 1964 with a bunch of kids in England at the age of 7 years old. They filmed them every 7 years up until the age of 56 Up.

One of the kids actually immediately made me think of Cook from Skins, partially in his looks but mostly in his personality. I can’t quite explain it but I couldn’t not see that in him. Ok, I’ve gotten off point a bit.

It’s really amazing to see how they change every 7 years from their opinions to beliefs to their understanding of the world. The kids involved are rich, poor, middle class and even two kids who grew up in foster care. This series is what reality tv should be, but rarely is. It can go from cheeky to kind of dark and even once an animal is killed on screen (you’ll have to see to know what I mean).

Not only is the series just very interesting but it also tells you a lot about how human beings evolve and continue to grow through their lives. I must admit, I’m very glad I was never in a series about this because I do not want to see my evolution, especially the perms. At this point we’re only at 28 Up so we have a long way to go and each episode gets longer and longer so I think this will take us quite a bit of time.


Skins Musical Numbers

Some of the best parts of Skins are the musical numbers.

Rich and Alo with their band Fuck Norris:

I could not find a video of this but here is a gif.


Rich and Grace getting on the same page via Rage Against the Machine:

JJ singing True to Lara:

Cook singing Barry Manilow:

The cast of Generation 1 singing Wild World:

Cook is Coming


I’m honestly excited (and a little trepedacious) about the new Skins episodes but the one I’m most excited about is Cook’s Fire episode. I have such a complicated affection for Cook because initially I couldn’t stand him.

To explain, after watching the First Generation I was nervous to check out the Second Generation because how could they compare? I decided to look some of it up online and saw this picture of Cook and I immediately thought I do not like this character. So I put off G2 for a few months until I got anxious again and needed more Skins.


To my surprise by the end of Cook’s first episode I loved him, so much. Mind you my favorite character from G1 was Sid and Cook is really nothing like Sid, except they both are underdogs.

A new article was posted recently with Jack O’Connell about the new episode of his Fire and if you haven’t seen it yet here it is:

Jack O’Connell Talks Skins, 300: Rise of an Empire

Get Your Brits Via Hulu

So we all know there are loads of British series on Netflix, but there are also plenty on hulu as well. So here are a list of some of the better ones:


Misfits – this is the big one and it’s not on Netflix so you have to mosey on over to Hulu to watch this fantastic series.


Fresh Meat – this was just recently added to Hulu and it’s a fantastic show. There aren’t nearly enough shows about being in college and on top of that this is British!


The Thick of It – I’ve mentioned this show before, it’s fantastic.


Peep Show – also on Netflix.


Lip Service



Misfits: Season 4 So Far


When the fate of some of my favorite characters was explained to me at the end of season 3 I wanted nothing to do with Misfits ever again. I’ll be honest, I cried at the end, a lot, it wasn’t pretty. At the end of season 3 of Being Human I was so devestated by my favorite character dying I’ve never gone back to the show since. Don’t even mention the US version, I want nothing to do with that either. Yes, I’m a TV snob.

By the time season 4 of Misfits came around I realized I really missed the show itself, not just the characters. Also I missed Rudy, he can be a twat but he’s a sweet twat. I was also intrigued by Carla Chrome coming on the show because I’d recently seen her in 2 other things and she was one of my favorite new British actors.

The best I can say is that I’m on-the-fence about season 4 of Misfits. I don’t love it (like I used to) but I don’t hate it either. I still love the cinematography and the writing of the show, for the most part at least. I still love Rudy, even if he’s a bit too crude for me at times. Finn is growing on me and I still have faith that Jess will grow on me more as well when we get to know her better.

So I’m optimistic but if the rumors of Joe Gilgun (Rudy) leaving are true, I’ll have to reasses at that point.