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Get Your Brits Via Hulu

So we all know there are loads of British series on Netflix, but there are also plenty on hulu as well. So here are a list of some of the better ones:


Misfits – this is the big one and it’s not on Netflix so you have to mosey on over to Hulu to watch this fantastic series.


Fresh Meat – this was just recently added to Hulu and it’s a fantastic show. There aren’t nearly enough shows about being in college and on top of that this is British!


The Thick of It – I’ve mentioned this show before, it’s fantastic.


Peep Show – also on Netflix.


Lip Service




The Thick of It


So we start watching this show The Thick of It on Hulu and we’re thinking that the format seems very familiar. Of course, I look it up on Wikipedia and it turns out Veep (which we’ve watched) is based off of this show. Ah, I should have known, tricky little bastards. From now on I’ll look up to see if any US show was based off of a UK show.

The main reason I checked this show out, I  must admit, was because I noticed the main character was Sid’s (Skins) dad. Then as I’m watching it and laughing a lot, I notice that one of the other characters is no other than David Blood (Skins). Well then, you got my attention. 

But seriously, great show, check it out.

*Just as I was about to hit publish on this I noticed Tony and Effy’s mum (Skins), this is quite the reunion.