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More British Series

Moone Boy

Ok, I have more shows to share, are you ready? Btw, I recommend all of these.

The Fall (available on Netflix)

Run (available on hulu)

Moone Boy (available on Netflix, not sure if this is British but close enough)

Prisoners Wives (available on Hulu but only season 1 and this show is not new but new to me)

Oh and I checked out the US version of Mistresses, it isn’t bad but not quite the same, especially since it’s a known fact men are sexier with a British accent.

btw, I update a lot on what I’m watching on the Facebook Page because it’s easy and I have no access to Tumblr while at work. Sometimes I update on my personal twitter (@hismuse). I think that’s all I have for now.


Get Your Brits Via Hulu

So we all know there are loads of British series on Netflix, but there are also plenty on hulu as well. So here are a list of some of the better ones:


Misfits – this is the big one and it’s not on Netflix so you have to mosey on over to Hulu to watch this fantastic series.


Fresh Meat – this was just recently added to Hulu and it’s a fantastic show. There aren’t nearly enough shows about being in college and on top of that this is British!


The Thick of It – I’ve mentioned this show before, it’s fantastic.


Peep Show – also on Netflix.


Lip Service