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The Thick of It


So we start watching this show The Thick of It on Hulu and we’re thinking that the format seems very familiar. Of course, I look it up on Wikipedia and it turns out Veep (which we’ve watched) is based off of this show. Ah, I should have known, tricky little bastards. From now on I’ll look up to see if any US show was based off of a UK show.

The main reason I checked this show out, I  must admit, was because I noticed the main character was Sid’s (Skins) dad. Then as I’m watching it and laughing a lot, I notice that one of the other characters is no other than David Blood (Skins). Well then, you got my attention. 

But seriously, great show, check it out.

*Just as I was about to hit publish on this I noticed Tony and Effy’s mum (Skins), this is quite the reunion.