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Back To British

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA but I was caught up in the last few episodes of Breaking Bad but I’m back now. So much stuff coming up and I’m definitely in need of some new British telly.

Misfits is coming back. Yeah, it’s not the same as it once was but it’s Misfits, which is better than no Misfits in my book. I’m not thrilled that Alex is coming back, did anyone even like him at all?

I have heard The White Queen is good, so I must add that to my list.

Alo (Will) and Mini (Freya) are working together again.

I also need to watch Dates and I’m sure there are others.


So a couple thi…

So a couple things to prepare you on the show. Eventually you’ll probably love Tony, which is hard to believe right now. Every 2 seasons they get rid of most of the characters and bring on new characters so there are 3 generations and each get 2 seasons. Confusing, I know. Also, I want to apologize right now for this show breaking your heart, it will, it’s inevitable but it’s worth it.

What I recently told a friend of mine who just started watching Skins and likes it.

Skins Seven

I was going to write a post about the Pure episode and then the Rise episode but meh, nobody really cares and I’m not invested enough in any of them to put that kind of energy into it. So I’m writing about all 3 of the series or rather series 7 as a whole.

The Good:

It was nice to see the old characters again, despite how different they were in many many ways. Some of the writing was pretty impressive and the cinematography was spectacular. If nothing else the series were beautiful to watch. The acting was top notch, they all came at this with full force.

The Bad: The characters were the same but missing something in all of them. I missed Cook’s slang, I missed Cassie’s “Oh wow’s” and well Effy I guess was pretty much the same just “more mature” but let’s be honest, she really wasn’t more mature she was just living in the real world. What I missed most from this last series was the fun quality to the show and I get that it’s supposed to be darker and more serious because they are grown up but it couldn’t just be a little light here and there? Cassie, Cook and Naomi are such funny characters, they could have written some of it to be more lighthearted I think.

In the end, it was nice to see them, I guess but it wasn’t Skins to me, it was some other dimension. If I had to pick which part I liked best I guess I’d say Pure because the storyline was the most interesting but I enjoyed watching Cook just be Cook more than anything, even if the storyline was a bit obvious.

I just wonder one thing? What is it about the writers of Skins that they always end up going to some deep, dark, miserable place when they write Skins? I get that life is hard and shit sucks but somehow the characters just suffer so much. I guess for me I watch this show to escape life, to be a part of a world that isn’t quite as tough as the real world that I have to live in. Maybe I’ll just watch Generation 1 again. Chris seems to always make everything a little better, even this.


Bye Cookie


Surf & Turf


I will write up a post about both Pure episodes next week but just want you guys to know I liked Pure much better than Fire so far. What do you guys think?

Skins – FIRE

I wanted to wait to watch the entire Skins Fire to give you a review on the entire thing, so here it is. This does contain spoilers but I’m trying to not say too much.

I hate to say it but this was not Skins. I’m not saying this because most of the cast wasn’t there or because they weren’t doing drugs in every other scene. I say this because it felt completely stripped down and empty. There was no life to this, no joy and no weirdness. Fuck, I miss the weirdness. Seasons 1-6 were often dark and twisted and heartbreaking but they were also fun and exciting and full of hope. I felt no joy watching Skins Fire, it felt hollow.

Effy and Dom

I immediately liked the new guy Dominic but of course Effy had to fuck him over repeatedly because that’s what Effy does. He was exactly what she needed to get her over her over-dramatic and self-obsessed self but instead she only become more Effy. I was hoping to see her grow up but she just became dull and lifeless.


I was looking forward to Naomi and Emily being in this only to realize Emily was barely in it at all and the only times Naomi was in it was when she was arguing with Effy. The moments between Naomi and Emily were some of the best and I was never really a hardcore Naomily shipper either. I would have liked to see them in a solid relationship while also living together as adults, dealing with adult things.

The plot was kind of obvious and I only like Effy that much less now than I did at the end of season 4. The one thing I can give Fire is that the acting was fantastic, they’ve really grown as actors and the cinematography was phenomenal. I only wish the show had grown into a more mature Skins while still holding onto the spirit of the original.