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Special Effects: Doctor Who vs. Misfits

(This is not intended as a negative Doctor Who post, just bringing up a discussion point so I welcome Whovians to bring on their positive thoughts.)

One thing my husband and I was curious about watching Doctor Who was why with such a huge production that Doctor Who’s special effects were on the cheap side but Misfits, which is not nearly as big, has much more believable special effects. I googled this thinking someone had to have discussed this before but found nothing.

I’m not someone who cares much about special effects or scifi but I love a good plot and it bugs me when bad special effects gets in the way of a good plot. Doctor Who, from what I’ve seen so far, has some really good plots but the special effects sometimes distract me.

Now I’m going to assume that the reason is because there are so many Doctor Who episodes and so many special effects that they can’t all be top notch. Also I have to admit that some special effects from the Doctor were impressive like those masks on The Empty Child and the statues in Blink. I have the ability with some shows to suspend reality and just enjoy them but there are times on Doctor Who I wasn’t able to. Like when Rose was hanging from the rope of the blimp she never would have been able to hold on as long as she did. Then she was saved by this stream of light, and it was just not believable.

I think it has something to do with me and how my brain works that scifi/fantasy doesn’t always work with me. However I’m curious about your thoughts on this.