Rae Earl Quotes

It was hard finding a bunch of these in one place online so I’m making a post of the great ones and will continue to add to it:


I’d shag him until there was nothing left. Just a pair of glasses and a damp patch.

I am a body dysmorphic without the dysmorphic. I am a bulimic without the sick. I am fat.


He smelt of boy sweat and CK One. I thought my ovaries were going to explode.

I think I might be about to commit a sex crime.


There is nothing wrong with having a bad day, nothing at all. There is nothing wrong with putting your jamies on and staying in. the world will wait, the world will not combust because you can’t force a smile.

I can’t eat when it feels like someone’s taken a piss on my soul.

I want him to treat me like that little goat from Jurassic park and just. Eat. Me. Whole.



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