Skins Seven

I was going to write a post about the Pure episode and then the Rise episode but meh, nobody really cares and I’m not invested enough in any of them to put that kind of energy into it. So I’m writing about all 3 of the series or rather series 7 as a whole.

The Good:

It was nice to see the old characters again, despite how different they were in many many ways. Some of the writing was pretty impressive and the cinematography was spectacular. If nothing else the series were beautiful to watch. The acting was top notch, they all came at this with full force.

The Bad: The characters were the same but missing something in all of them. I missed Cook’s slang, I missed Cassie’s “Oh wow’s” and well Effy I guess was pretty much the same just “more mature” but let’s be honest, she really wasn’t more mature she was just living in the real world. What I missed most from this last series was the fun quality to the show and I get that it’s supposed to be darker and more serious because they are grown up but it couldn’t just be a little light here and there? Cassie, Cook and Naomi are such funny characters, they could have written some of it to be more lighthearted I think.

In the end, it was nice to see them, I guess but it wasn’t Skins to me, it was some other dimension. If I had to pick which part I liked best I guess I’d say Pure because the storyline was the most interesting but I enjoyed watching Cook just be Cook more than anything, even if the storyline was a bit obvious.

I just wonder one thing? What is it about the writers of Skins that they always end up going to some deep, dark, miserable place when they write Skins? I get that life is hard and shit sucks but somehow the characters just suffer so much. I guess for me I watch this show to escape life, to be a part of a world that isn’t quite as tough as the real world that I have to live in. Maybe I’ll just watch Generation 1 again. Chris seems to always make everything a little better, even this.



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2 thoughts on “Skins Seven

  1. charlottetobitt August 13, 2013 at 12:46 pm Reply

    I know what you mean- it was very hard to get invested in any of these storylines (except the cancer) and, as nice as it was to see the characters again, the bad outweighed the good.

    • Robin August 13, 2013 at 1:34 pm Reply

      I had a feeling it would be kind of disappointing once I realized there were so few characters being reprized. Oh well, we’ll just go back and watch old episodes to wash those away. And on the good note we now know Cook is in fact alive.

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