Misfits: Season 4 So Far


When the fate of some of my favorite characters was explained to me at the end of season 3 I wanted nothing to do with Misfits ever again. I’ll be honest, I cried at the end, a lot, it wasn’t pretty. At the end of season 3 of Being Human I was so devestated by my favorite character dying I’ve never gone back to the show since. Don’t even mention the US version, I want nothing to do with that either. Yes, I’m a TV snob.

By the time season 4 of Misfits came around I realized I really missed the show itself, not just the characters. Also I missed Rudy, he can be a twat but he’s a sweet twat. I was also intrigued by Carla Chrome coming on the show because I’d recently seen her in 2 other things and she was one of my favorite new British actors.

The best I can say is that I’m on-the-fence about season 4 of Misfits. I don’t love it (like I used to) but I don’t hate it either. I still love the cinematography and the writing of the show, for the most part at least. I still love Rudy, even if he’s a bit too crude for me at times. Finn is growing on me and I still have faith that Jess will grow on me more as well when we get to know her better.

So I’m optimistic but if the rumors of Joe Gilgun (Rudy) leaving are true, I’ll have to reasses at that point.


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