Why You Should Watch Misfits


I didn’t think Misfits would be my cup of tea. My favorite British show was Skins and this seemed very different from that (even though everyone compares them). Misfits seemed very supernatural and usually that stuff just doesn’t do it for me (though I’m evolving). After the first episode I was intrigued and interested so I kept watching. Once I got into season 2 I was done for and totally hooked. I think I watched so many episodes once I stayed up past 1am, which I never do anymore.

What is so great about Misfits is that it has so many layers to it. It’s dark, funny, clever, witty and has a lot of emotion to it. The characters are great, you can’t help but love them. Nathan is kind of an ass and says whatever he wants but something about him is just so sweet. Simon comes across initially as really creepy but he’s not, he’s just socially awkward, I love how his character developes over the seasons. Kelly is a Chav but she also protects her friends until the end.

I think in many ways this show changed the way I saw television. I thought this show was only about superpowers and special effects but that is such a small part of the show. I think since I fell in love with this show I’ve given more shows a chance that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Hell, I never would have watched the show Lost and I’m now in the middle of season 3. So now I give shows more of a chance, even if it seems like something I would never like it could end up being one of my favorite shows.




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