My Anglophile Beginnings


I started this British Telly endevour because I had such an overflowing adoration for almost all British television. My first love of television from the UK was Fawlty Towers, which I watched with my family so many times growing up. To this day my parents, my brother and myself all own our own copy of the short series and watch it sometimes when we all get together. The humor is very different from our humor for the most part because I think in England they have fewer bounderies.

Many years later I was introduced to Skins and that was when the obsession began. I thought the show was ok at first but after a few episodes (I think it was by Sid’s episode officially) I was hooked. As I continued to watch I fell in love with the characters, the lifestyle and all the British quirkiness of it. Above it all I appreciated that the show wasn’t afraid to be risky. They up and killed off characters that people loved and every other season they started over with a new group of characters. It was refreshing to say the least.

After that, in no specific order, there was Misfits, The Inbetweeners, Being Human, Sugar Rush and This Is England. I’m always looking out for a new British show to watch and I’m rarely disappointed (well except when characters leave a show but that’s another post for another day). So this blog is to update on current shows, spread the love of new shows and everything else.


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